Our first Curtis ancestor to arrive and settle on Prince Edward Island was William Curtis who was supposedly born in Surrey, England about 1775 and died in PEI on the 7th April 1853.
He married Ann Woods in England. She was born about 1786 in England and died in PEI on 15th October 1870.
It is unknown as to when exactly the family arrived in Prince Edward Island. At the time it was a colony that was part of what was known as British America.  They did however arrive with five children, a daughter and four sons. The first record of William on the Island as on 11th September 1820 when a land transaction of 200 acres was recorded in William's name. Then later, on the 23rd August 1824, William Curtis was granted 400 acres of land in Township 55, King's County in the east of the island.  The soil there was apparently poor and the family moved to Township 32, Queen's County.  This area became known as Curtisdale (now renamed Milton). It was a valley about seven miles from Charlottetown, the capital.
William owned a sawmill, a grist mill and several houses - possibly for workers.
He was Assistant Surveyor General of PEI for many years and in this capacity he prepared various reports on proposed roads and improvements, and bridges during the years 1825 - 1827. In the Royal Gazette of  the 13th December 1836, it is noted that he acted as agent for the Trustees and Executors of the late Earl of Selkirk, to bring Scottish settlers to Prince Edward Island. The Earl held several Lots (Townships) on the island to which he sent many emigrants of Scottish extraction.
There is a poem in existence that is thought to be written by one of William's great grandsons.


My Great Grandad in days of yore,
O'er stepped old England's chalky shore,
And westward sailed across the blue,
His quest - to found a home anew.

For days and weeks he sailed the seas,
Through storms and fog and bergs that freeze,
And when at last he sighted land
He saw red cliffs of clay and sand.

He travelled on for many a mile
Until he found a pleasant isle,
And as the sun was going down
He some huts - now Charlottetown

He landed and went roving round
Until he accidentally found
A narrow path, a beaten track,
Where Indians oft went forth and back.

Next morning with his wife and sons
He sallied forth with bag and guns.
Their course, at first, due North the West,
Without a though of food or rest.

They travelled on and climbed a hill,
A mile beyond they found a rill.
They gathered boughs; a luncheon spread,
Of which they ate and rose full fed.

The Grandsire then went out to look,
Left wife and children by the brook,
He placed a gun on his left arm,
In case a bear might do him harm.

The land was covered thick with trees
With branches waving in the breeze,
And as he travelled onward still,
Saw plots of land that he could till.

He travelled on Surveyor like,
To see what riches he might strike,
And Southward further down the rill
He came upon an old French mill.

It's sagging sides were tumbling down
And slowly sank in soil so brown.
In Father's time the stones were there,
One thousand pounds so red and bare.

But in my time no trace was seen
To show the French once there had been.

Returning to his family then
He quickly found them in the glen.
He told them all he had seen alone
And in the end said, "This is home".

A rude camp served them day by day.
They cut and hewed and worked away,
And soon upon that spot there stood
A small log cabin, trim and good.

The place for it was near the road
Where French and Indians often trod,
And near it later was the site
Where I began to read and write.

The father took his hoe and spade
And soon a garden plot was made.
He fenced it round with lumber high,
The old slab fence first caught my eye.

He planted trees beneath whose shade,
Where as a boy I often played.
The years rolled on, his sons matured
And some to distant lands were lured.

Theophilus to Crapaud went,
But Gersham seemed on roving bent,
To far New Zealand made his way
And was not heard of in my day.

I do not know what him befell,
That no one knows and none can tell.
Even in Australia's wide domain
Strait, isle and port all bear his name.

Surveyor Owen had to till
One hundred acres on the hill.
My grandsire Otto had as balm
Two hundred acres near the dam.

To Rachel 50 in her plot,
Which later on my father bought,
Such is the story of this vale
In olden times called Curtisdale.

It would be great to know how much of the poem is factual and also who wrote it.

                                                                 Mary Jane Curtis                      m.                 Matthew "Stephen" David Coles
                                                                         abt 1855                                                                   b. 25 Nov 1851
                                                                   d. 25 Jan 1890                                                              d. 27 Apr 1920

                       I                                               I                                               I                                                         I                                                   I
      John Otto Russell              Sophia Rebecca                  Bertha Augusta                               Frances Ethel                        Stephen George
           b. 6 Apr 1877                     b. 20 Aug 1879                     b. 30 Jan 1882                                b. 9 Feb 1884                           b. 31 Dec 1886
                  Milton                            Malpeque Rd                              Milton                                               Milton                                         Milton
                                                        d. 30 Apr 1930                     d. 15 May 1983                               d. 18 May 1973                           d. 8 May 1906
                                                                                             Q. Eliz. Hos. Charlottetown          PEI Hos. Charlottetown
           m.                                       m.                                             m.                                                      m.

      Gertrude A Morse      William "Hamilton" Horne    Oswald James Newson        Gordon Augustus Newson
          b. 3 Jan 1886                     b. 24 Feb 1877                       b. 5 Aug 1884                               b. 3 Aug 1886
        Massachusetts                           Milton                                     Lot 31                                              Lot 31
        d. 17 Sep 1982                    d. 12 Feb 1959                       d. 21 Jan 1981                             d. 1 Dec 1978
         South Dennis

Husband WILLIAM "HAMILTON" HORNE 1877: Son of William Henry Horne and Phoebe Woods Curtis. Nicknamed Ham.

The oldest child of William and Ann (that we definetely know of) was RACHEL NAOMI.
She was born in 1811 and died on the 3rd December 1885 in Milton. She never married.

The oldest son and second child was OWEN born 1811 in England and died 20th May 1886, PEI. Another source says he died 20th November 1876.

THEOPHILUS was born on the 24th of May 1816 in England and died on the 18th April, 1889 in Milton, PEI.

OTTO was born March 24th, 1816 in England and died 11th August, 1900 PEI.

Last but not least comes GERSHAM who was born 4th February 1918 England and died 20th June 1901, Westport, New Zealand.

William's tombstone reads: " In memory of William Curtis native of Surrey, England and for many years 1st Surveyor General of PEI AEt 77y".

Below that on the same stone "And his wife Ann Woods died Oct 15 1870 AEt 83y:.
The inscription is apparently very difficult to read.

Curtisdale 22 November 1852

In the name of God, Amen.  This twenty second day of November, one thousand eight hundred and fifty two.
I, William Curtis of Curtisdale, being sick and weak of Body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God; Therefore without a formal prelude, do make and ordain this my last will and testament; that is to say,
First with respect to a provision for the future support of Ann my beloved wife, the same is hereafter willed and directed.

To my son Owen, I give and bequeath, all my right, title, interest and claim, in and to that part of my leasehold Estate called Curtisdale, bounded as follows viz, on the Northeast by the old Prince Town Road, on the South by Land the property of the Hon,ble John Mira Holl, and on the West by Land the propertys of David Moore and David Hooper.

To my son Otto I give my Right, Title and Interest in land to that part of the same Estate bounded as follows viz, on the South by the short fence running from the bend in the Mill pond to the West line of the Estate, and from thence by the said West line, on the North by the reserved line of road, and on the East by Land called Theophilus's Land and on the South by the Mill Pond, to the short fence the Southern boundry.

For my sons Theophilus and Gersham, and for my daughter Rachel, I provide as follows, that is to say, the Mill with it's appurtenances and Land and premises, (about three acres) attached to it, and all that there is thereon: also the farm bounded by the Mill pond, Doctor Day's Land and the prince Town Road: and also the Farm East of that Farm bequeathed to Otto and commonly called Theopholus's Farm, I desire and direct shall be sold and the net proceeds thereof I give and bequeath to be divided in equal shares and portions to each of the above mentioned three children, that is to say, one third thereof to Theophilus, one third to Gersham, and one third to Rachel - and as to the Household Furniture and other Moveables on the premises, and now in the possession of my wife, I leave to her disposal as she may please.

And as regards a provision for the maintenance and support of my beloved wife, it must be understood, that the above mentioned bequests are made and given upon the positive and express conditions that each and every child, or Domice on the receipt of portions shall bind themselves to the Trustees, to contribute annually, or at such other times as may be required a ? or share or sum of Money, in proportion to the portion they Receive, towards a sufficiency, to maintain and keep their Mother in decency and comfort: and it is my wish that she should have a room to herself under the roof of the dwelling of one of her children.

And I constitute and ordain My Sons Owen and Otto Executors of this my Last Will and Testament, and do also constitute and appoint them Trustees to and for their Mother to carry out to the full intent and meaning the provisions made for their Mother as long as she may live.

And I do constitute and appoint my Son Owen Trustee for his sister Rachel, to take care of the portion or property, herein bequeathed to her, and for her sole use, until he may see fit, and good, for her to have it solely at her own command.
And I do particularly request and charge my Sons Owen and Otto Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and Trustees for the maintenance of their Mother, to be careful that their Mother is supported from the property or it's proceeds always in decency and comfort.

In witness whereof I have hereonto set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written.
                                              W. Curtis
Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in the presence of us, by the within named William Curtis to be his last Will and Testament.
David Hooper
David Younker
Thomas Hooper

At this point William must have done some calculating and decided, that in the cause of fairness he should put in some safeguards, and so he added this to his Will.

Be it known to all men, that having made my last Will, written on this same piece of paper, which I hereby ratify and confirm, but having omitted to enter therein this undermentioned clause, I here enter it, making it part of the same Will and Testament.
That is to say, Having directed that three different parts of the Estate should be sold and the proceeds thereof be divided between Theophilus, Gersham and Rachel, each to receive one third, Now this is my Will, that should the each one third thereof exceed in value, the value of Owen's or of Otto's portions as before mentioned to be given to them, that, that excess of property, if not exceeding the sum of fifty pounds, I give to my Son Owen, and should that excess exceed fifty pounds, it is my Will that fifty pounds be given to Owen, and that the excess above the fifty pounds given to Owen, shall be divided in five portions and be given in equal share to each Owen, Otto,Theophilus, Gersham and Rachel and one fifth of the whole last mentioned excess so arising as aforesaid to each child.
                              W. Curtis

In witness my hand and seal this same day and same hour and before the same Witnesses as the other part of this my Will is signed and sealed.

Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in the presence of us, by the said within William Curtis to be part of his last Will and Testament.
David Hooper
David Younker
Thomas Hooper

                                                                 Charles Curtis                      m.                 Emily Coles
                                                                  b. 31 Jul 1848                                          b. 30 Aug 1850
                                                                  d. 27 Apr 1908                                          d. 23 Apr 1909

                     I                                    I                            I                             I                              I                            I                              I                            I
         Walter Edgar                 Sarah Jane           George C        William Ernest        Henry Owen      Joseph "Arthur"     Frank Leslie      Evelyn Sophia
        b. 12 Jun 1876             b. 5 Feb 1878       b. 26 Jul 1881    b. 18 Mar 1883      b. 25 Jan 1887      b. 19 Apr 1890      b. 20 Nov 1892    b. 11 Nov 1894
               Milton                            Milton                 Milton                  Milton                    Milton                   Milton                    Milton                 Milton
       d. 31 Jan 1969             d. 31 Dec 1910     d.                          d. 10 Feb 1966     d. 30 May 1918     d. 24 Jun 1978      d. 20 Aug 1909     d. 26 Dec 1992
  Nursing Home Charl.                                                                                                 Charlottetown                                                                  Charlottetown
           m.                              m.                             m.                        m.                        

  Martha Maria "Ellen"      William Watson        Charlotte           Mabel Irene 
             Hooper                         Sentner                 Horne                  Coles
       b. 1 Jun 1877               b. 25 Aug 1879       b.                         b. 8 Dec 1880   
               Milton                      Loyalist Rd               Milton              Rustico Rd
     d. 12 Nov 1967                d. 7 Apr 1934        d.                         d. 31 Oct 1929
Nursing Home Charl.        

Husband WILLIAM "HAMILTON" HORNE 1877: Son of William Henry Horne and Phoebe Woods Curtis. Nicknamed Ham.

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